What can you learn from Joseph’s brothers?

In the Bible Heroes: Joseph app, children around the world read about God’s faithfulness to his promises and to Joseph. But what can we learn from Joseph’s story about his brothers?

What can you learn from Josephs brothers?

One of the key lessons is not making rash decisions in anger. Joseph’s brothers were angry at him because of three reasons:
1) he tattled on him (Gen 37:2)
2) he was the favorite of his father Israel /Jacob (Gen 37:3)
3) he shared his dream that his brothers will bow to him (Gen 37:5-11).
Joseph’s brothers hated him so much that they wanted to kill him (Gen 37:18)!

Why does the Bible teach so strongly against anger, and equates it to murder (Matthew 5:21-26)? Anger is the enemy of reason. Men do in the heat of passion what their reason, in a moment of objectivity, abhors. You are never in greater danger than when you let anger take its hold on you.

After all, if in fact Joseph’s dream really came from God, then his brothers should not resist God’s perfect will, and if not, they could have dismissed it and chuckled at Joseph’s arrogance.

Prayer for all of us (parents, children, and parents to set a good example for their children): Help me Lord to have self control and quickly forgive. Help me to not do things out of anger, lest I regret what I do and say.

Today, we released the pre-K version of our Joseph story, appropriate for children 3-5, with even more games and activities, in addition to our original Joseph release better fit for children 6-8.  I hope these apps will be helpful in teaching your children about this and other lessons from the story.

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