A new chapter, hello Durham, NC!

The 4Soils team is writing to you from Durham, NC!  Part of the team just moved here today and have gotten settled into our new home.  God has really led and provided for us in this journey, including a fully furnished home that we were able to rent from a family who loves the Lord, a free upgrade from the car rental company (otherwise I’m not sure the compact car reserved would have gotten all of us and our luggage back in one trip), and generous parents of a friend who dropped off some additional linen and a bucket of South Carolina peaches.  Not to mention the many friends who have reached out to their contacts for welcoming faces that I look forwarding to seeing and meeting while we’re out here.

It’s a day of many firsts for several members of the team:

First trip to Cracker Barrel (a personal favorite of mine) and finding the challenges of the peg game (best we got was 2 pegs left, moving up from “eg-nor-ra-moose” to “pretty smart” over the course of waiting for brunch) A new chapter, hello Durham, NC!

Stocking up with Costco and Li Ming Chinese supermarket (thank God again for the upgraded car!)

A new chapter, hello Durham, NC!Finding out that cost of living in indeed cheaper here all around, not only greatly with our house but even the Costco rotisserie chicken is $1 cheaper

A new chapter, hello Durham, NC!Lastly breaking in the kitchen with our first home cooked dinner – Taiwanese beef noodle soup and baby bok choi, with some fresh watermelon & raspberries for dessert (the team all loves fruit and veggies, so I think we’ll be eating pretty healthy)

A new chapter, hello Durham, NC!We’re looking forward to our time here, connecting with customers, partners, investors, and future teammates.  May God continue to lead us in this new journey!