Summer Bible Printables and Activities from 4soils: Jonah and the Giant Fish

Keeping your children busy all summer long can challenge even the most prepared parent!  It can be especially hard to keep your children in the routine of Biblically based learning as summer schedules for Sunday School, church and family vacations take you out of your normal routine.

Sharing the classic stories from the Bible in a fun engaging way can keep children interested, thinking and asking about how God is always present–whether it is summer time or Christmas time.

Throughout the Summer months, we will share some of the best resources, printables and activities for your children. Stay tuned as 4Soils releases even more fantastic Biblical content, including Joseph, The Cross, The Prodigal Son and much, much more!

This week, we’d love to share some great ways you can share lessons from Jonah and the Giant Fish with your children.

Summer Bible Printables and Activities from 4soils: Jonah and the Giant Fish

The story of Jonah is about God asking Jonah to obey His will and at the same time to love people he did not like very much. It is a great lesson for young children; and one they can carry into adulthood!

1. Share the scripture. Jonah is a very short book of the Old Testament. Chapters 1 and 2 share the story of Jonah and the Giant Fish. Chapters 3 and 4, further the story to talk about the conversion of Nineveh, Jonah’s anger and his subsequent understanding that God calls us to love everyone: each those we do not like.

2. Let your children experience the story of Jonah themselves. Your young readers could explore the story in an easy reader children’s Bible. Or download Sproutville or the stand-alone Jonah and the Giant Fish app from the App Store and let your children hear the story, read the story and play in the story.

3.  Print our fantastic coloring page printables or our prayer cards. The coloring pages are a great quiet time activity to unwind and unplug for the day. The Prayer Card printables are a great way to sit with your child and work on prayer skills. For the story of Jonah, the prayer card printable asks your children to list how they can love one another. Fill it out. Pray together. And then hang the prayer card somewhere that your child can see it. Everyday before the offering the prayer, ask your child if they have any additions to the list or if they found themselves loving someone new.

4. Take it to the world. Use your prayer card to inspire action. Have your children make a card for a child who might annoy them. Or ask them to invite someone new to a playdate or to the playground. For more ideas on talking to your children about the story of Jonah, check out our full parent resource guide here. 

We’d love to hear your ideas for talking about Jonah with your children! Please share your ideas below!