#FaithfulFriday: Sharing the Faithful Bloggers Group Writing Project

#FaithfulFriday: Sharing the Faithful Bloggers Group Writing Project Every Friday, 4Soils will share a post about living the faith. Join us for #FaithfulFriday!

Faithful Bloggers is a fantastic networking and support group for bloggers who are dedicated to blogging as a mechanism to share their faith and the good news. Throughout the year, Faithful Bloggers puts together a group writing project showcasing short pieces from member writers. This summer, Faithful Bloggers put together a compilation of over 20 short essays called Messages of New Growth. You can download a copy of “Message of New Growth” here. We think it is the perfect summer read to inspire you through this summer season and into the Fall!

Contributors include:

Enjoy and Happy #FaithfulFriday!

Do you have a story of faithful and devotion to share? Submit it to #FaithfulFriday as a guest post! For more details, email: blog@4soils.com