Our Development Cycle, Part 1

At 4Soils we’re often asked, “What’s it like developing Bible story apps?” If that question has ever crossed your mind, or if you’re curious about life at a mobile startup, this series of posts is for you. We’re going to explore our development cycle, from story germination all the way to product release.

In this first post, I’ll present a broad overview of our development cycle, then in the coming weeks I’ll zoom in on specific processes that we go through to bring you a new Bible Heroes apps.

Our Development Cycle, Part 1

In order to get a new adventure onto your iPad every few weeks, a lot of pieces have to come together:

  • The story has to be written
  • Illustrations drawn
  • Animations and sound effects created
  • Narrations recorded
  • Games designed and coded
  • The final product tested and approved

To meet our release schedule, we run most of these tasks in parallel, but we always have to begin by germinating story ideas. As soon as we’ve settled on a Bible Hero, we start drafting the story text, conceptualizing the illustrations, and designing the games.

Once the story text is finalized, our voice talent records the narrations. Similarly, once the first draft of illustrations is completed, we plan out sound effects and motion animations to enhance the images.

Meanwhile, our programmer codes the game logic, and as the art resources arrive, sets up the Bible Heroes app itself.   By this point, we can test the app internally, but before releasing it we hold a playtesting session to observe how children actually interact with our games.

Finally, we make final revisions and submit the app to Apple for approval!

Of course, each step of the way has its own challenges and complexities, so in our next post, we’ll be looking at the story writing process up close.

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