Coloring Contest: Design a Costume for Sprout!

Coloring Contest: Design a Costume for Sprout!

Design your very own costume for Sprout!

Hey kids! Are you a budding artist or fashion designer? We’ve got a coloring contest just for you!

We need YOUR help to design a new outfit for Sprout!  Sprout is the cute little bean who guides children on adventures through the Sproutville Bible App. Sprout is your guide through the stories of Noah, Moses, Esther and the Life of Jesus!

All all great characters, Sprout needs some new clothes, designed by YOU!

From your favorite superhero to a princess to a tutu paired with sneakers, your imagination is the limit!

The winning design will be added to Sprout’s wardrobe in the Sproutville app for iPhones and iPads! Imagine seeing Sprouts all around the world dressed in your design!

Pretty fantastic, right?

To enter the contest follow these steps:

  1. Print out the Sprout Design Coloring Contest page here. (Or right click on the image below to save and print.)
  2. Get creative! Use crayons, markers, paint, stickers, or fabric to create a design for Sprout.
  3. Scan or photograph your design, and submit it on our Facebook page (the tab says: Photo Contest)  Ask your friends to vote for your design on Facebook!
  4. Share the contest with your friends and enter as many times as you like! Sprout loves new clothes; so the sky is the limit!

This contest runs until October 31st. We’ll also be awarding free Sproutville subscriptions to outstanding coloring contest designs!

Are you new to Sproutville? You can download our app in AppStore (although not required to enter!) and let your children explore all the amazing Bible adventures in a fun, child friendly application. Sprout is their tour guide through the journeys of the world’s greatest heroes! The application features reading, music, games and printable coloring pages to take the learning offline. In Sproutville, children can sow the seeds of faith while reading the greatest story ever told! 

Coloring Contest: Design a Costume for Sprout!

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