What’s the story behind 4Soils?

Whats the story behind 4Soils?Hi! My name is Lusi, and I’m one of 4Soils’ cofounders.

We’re often asked how we came up with the idea for 4Soils, so I’d like to share how everything started:



Last summer, my husband Kevin and I were staying with our close friends and their young boy, James*.

Whats the story behind 4Soils?
Over dinner one night, James began laughing hysterically.  When his parents saw our puzzled looks, they explained that James was just playing his favorite game: Talking Tom. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a game where you punch, tickle, and generally abuse a cat named Tom.

We all laughed at how amused James was.

Whats the story behind 4Soils?

Over the course of that week, I had two revelations:

1. The iPad is amazingly intuitive. James, a 3 year old child, had learned to navigate the iPad better than my mom!  This made me appreciate Apple’s design on a new level.
2. Most parents are treating the iPad like a treat or a babysitter for their children. This is probably because of the way children use the iPad–80% of James’ iPad time was spent on mindless games like Talking Tom.  But I also knew there were excellent educational games for the iPad that make learning fun and engaging for children, and I felt the iPad had so much more potential than a gaming console.

So we asked 150 parents of faith if they had found good Biblical content for their kids. The answer was pretty much “no.”

Despite the 600+ thousand (and growing daily) apps out there, almost none faithfully portrayed Bible stories.  Some companies offered stories based on the Bible, but often they took God out all together and changed important elements of the story to “fairy tale-ize” it.

But kids aged 3-8 are impressionable, and James’ and many other parents of faith believe that planting God’s love and word in their children’s hearts is the most important thing they can do for their children. So we felt called to create good, biblically accurate content on the iPad, a platform that US kids are already using an average of 43 minutes a day. We want to help parents supplement the Biblical foundation set at home and Sunday Schools.

The Happy Ending?  Today, James plays with Bible Heroes: Noah, even while out shopping with his parents at Costco!

Will you partner with us to get the word out so that all parents have access to this tool to help teach their kids about the God’s word?

Whats the story behind 4Soils?

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