Discussion Guide to Teach Your Child About Palm Sunday

In preparation for Palm Sunday, 4Soils has teamed up with David C. Cook publishers of great Sunday School curriculum to bring you resources for you and your child!

Of course, don’t forget to read the story in Sproutville!

Discussion Guide to Teach Your Child About Palm Sunday

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Parent Devotional:

There are all kinds of people, influences, and powers that want us to treat them as our king. Jobs, family, hobbies, bill collectors, and so on want our attention. At times it’s like they all want to be our kings. They want us to give them more and more of our energy
and attention.

Of all the ones who seek to gain our attention, Jesus alone is worthy of praise as our King. God has crowned Him with glory and honor (Heb. 2:9). We glorify Jesus for all He has done for us.  He has shown us the Father (John 14:9). By His death He forgives our sins (Acts 10:43). He gives us abundant life (John 10:10) and our hope of eternal life in
glory. Declare Jesus is your King in word and deed.

The Gospel passages for this Bible lesson teach us how the people in Jerusalem praised Jesus as their King.  You can learn from their enthusiasm to help you teach your children to make their own ways to praise Jesus their King. Ask Jesus to show you meaningful and engaging ways for your class to praise Him.

Take time now to exalt the Lord of lords, and King of kings in your own way.

Tips for Discussion with Your Child:
Children this age might think kings and queens lived long ago or only in make-believe stories.
Today’s lesson will teach the children that they have a King who may be very different from the way they think about kings. Here are some ideas to help your children to begin thinking about Jesus as their King.
— Long ago and in storybooks kings sat on thrones and wore fancy clothes. But thrones and fancy clothes don’t make someone a king. Jesus is King because He is God’s Son. He has always been King.
— Different kings rule over different things. Some rule over lands and people. Others rule over the hearts and minds of people. Jesus wants to rule over the hearts of your children to help them do what is right.
— Jesus is King even if we don’t listen to or obey Him. When we choose to praise Him as our King we learn that He is the greatest King we will ever have because of His great love and power to save us from our sins.
Suggested Discussion Questions
1 What do kings do? 
Children might say kings tell people what to do; they wear robes and crowns, and sit on thrones; they make 
rules; they lead countries; they’re rich; they live in palaces, etc.
2 How do people treat kings?
They might say people bow to kings, follow their directions, serve them food, and so on.
3 Who is your king?
They might name government leaders, Jesus, or people. They might not have an answer. This question will help children consider the possibility that they do have a king. You
don’t need to tell them now that Jesus is our King. The fun of this lesson will be discovering that fact.
Bible Story Review Questions
1 Where was Jesus going?
A: Jesus was going to Jerusalem.
2 How did Jesus go into Jerusalem?
A: He rode a donkey.
3 How did the people treat Jesus?
A: They treated Him like their King. They praised Him by laying down their coats, waving palm branches.
4 What did the people shout to Jesus?
A: “Hosanna” and “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” and “Blessed is the King of Israel.
5 Why did the people praise Jesus?
A: The people praised Him because of all the things He had done and because they saw Him as the King.
6. Who can we praise?
A: We can praise Jesus our King.

Applications for the Week
1. How will you praise Jesus our King during the week?
Encourage your child to tell you an idea. S/he might suggest ideas from the pictures they put on their paper palm branch (see downloadable activities #3).
2 When will you praise Jesus our King?
Let the children suggest some times. They could say right now, during family devotional
times, at school, at home, and any time! Tell the children they will honor Jesus by praising Him as our King.
Prayer Time
Pray with your child to praise Jesus our King. You might encourage him/her to pray aloud his/her own prayers of praise to Jesus.
Here is one suggestion if time is short
“Dear Jesus, I praise You for being my King. In Your name I pray. Amen.
Discussion Guide courtesy of David C Cook. 

Our Development Cycle: Illustration

Our Development Cycle: Illustration

4Soils is based out of the Venture Studio at Stanford, but our illustrator, Noel, works from his home in the Philippines.  This means that most of our communication—everything from the Sphinx’s smile in Joseph, to the color of Queen Vashti’s hair in Esther— is decided through email.

Sometimes it’s difficult communicating exactly what we’re looking for in text. Sometimes, after sending emails back and forth, we have to open up an image editor and draw a mockup. It’s magical how immediately a picture can make things clear.

Our Development Cycle: Illustration

Illustrations play a similar role in our apps. They clarify the story text. They bring the Bible to life, helping children imagine how Joseph must have felt when his brothers tossed him into a cistern and sold him as a slave. So just like when writing our stories, we take great care to make sure our story illustrations really support the Bible text.

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Our Development Cycle: Story

Our Development Cycle: Story

Ever told a great joke you just heard, only to find it’s not quite as funny when it leaves your lips?

Telling Bible stories feels a lot like that. The Bible is the Greatest Story Ever Told– it’s the most influential story in Western culture– it’s the bestselling story each year, every year. And it’s the divinely inspired story that’s changed the lives of millions of people.

How do you tell a story like that?

The short answer is, with a generous dose of humility.  It’s a challenge that keeps us on our feet. But it’s a thrilling challenge, because we believe that mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone provide exciting opportunities to present the Bible to children in new and interactive ways.

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Our Development Cycle, Part 1

At 4Soils we’re often asked, “What’s it like developing Bible story apps?” If that question has ever crossed your mind, or if you’re curious about life at a mobile startup, this series of posts is for you. We’re going to explore our development cycle, from story germination all the way to product release.

In this first post, I’ll present a broad overview of our development cycle, then in the coming weeks I’ll zoom in on specific processes that we go through to bring you a new Bible Heroes apps.

Our Development Cycle, Part 1

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Sneak Preview and Playtest Bible Heroes: Daniel!

Looking for some unique summer fun @ Stanford? Join us on August 6th for snacks and to playtest the newest Bible Heroes adventure: Daniel.

Playtesting with children is one of the most important steps of the app creation process, as it helps us design intuitive, fun, and educational apps that children love and parents approve.

Your children will be the first to try out Daniel, and when we release our new app we’ll credit them as contributors!

Sign up here!

David is coming soon!

David is coming!

On August 4th, Bible Heroes: David and Goliath will be available for iPhones and iPads everywhere!

-A Biblically accurate retelling of David’s showdown with Goliath.
-A beautifully illustrated world of lions and armies, of a shepherd boy and a warrior giant.
-Interactive games that reinforce the Bible story: Sort the Philistines from the Israelites, help David pick stones for his slingshot, and color David facing down lions.
-Scenes that come alive with the touch of your finger.

This August 4th, give your children the opportunity to learn God’s word in a fun and engaging way with Bible Heroes: David and Goliath!

If you haven’t experienced Bible Heroes yet, try out Bible Heroes: Noah now.

How we learn from our users

This Monday we’ll be holding a series of playtests at our studios in Stanford. As an mobile startup creating content for young children, we’re especially sensitive to questions of usability and design.

How we learn from our users

What kind of interface do children find intuitive? Which of our games will children find engaging? What design choices can we make so that our activities don’t distract from or overwhelm the Bible stories we’re telling?



Because we always have so much to learn, we try to approach testing as effectively as possible. So in preparation for Monday, I’d like to share with you how we set up our user testing sessions:

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You can play a part in creating a new app

Looking for a unique experience for your child this summer?

Bring your kids (ages 3 to 7) and help create exciting new interactive children’s apps for the iPhone and iPad. You’ll get a preview of TreeLit’s exciting new interactive stories, and you’ll be the first to try out the upcoming app Bible Heroes: David, from 4Soils!

We’ll provide everything: ice-cream, snacks, and iPads to play David on. So sign up for some family fun and help steer the future of children’s apps!

The playtesting will be held on 7/23, between 4pm and 5pm at Stanford. Further details will be emailed to you after you’ve signed up.

If you can’t make it on the 23rd, you can still sign up and we’ll put you first on the list for future beta releases.

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