Learning from our users: A new approach to coloring

Learning from our users: A new approach to coloringWhen we conduct playtesting sessions, we’re watching to see if children use our apps the way we imagined. Often, our observations completely overturn our expectations.

But that’s a good thing. It shows us where we need to make improvements.
In our most recent round of playtests we noticed that children were having difficulty with our free-form coloring game. They spent a lot of time trying to color inside the lines, and their expressions were of determination, not enjoyment. Many had trouble controlling the iPad accurately– sometimes the touch sensor didn’t pick up where their fingers moved. Several of them commented, “This is harder than normal coloring,” or “This is hard.”

The alternative to free-form coloring is bucket-fill coloring, where you can color in a whole region of a picture with just one touch. When we gave our testers a bucket-fill coloring game to test, their reactions were unanimous: the bucket-fill was much more enjoyable. They could concentrate on choosing colors and weren’t getting frustrated coloring outside the lines.

Learning from our users: A new approach to coloring

So creating a new bucket-fill coloring system became our priority for new releases. We still have further features and optimizations to add, but we’re happy with the first steps we’ve taken.

And we know it will be a vast improvement in user experience—our users told us!

We’d love to hear your experiences with our apps, or what you’ve learned watching children play other apps.

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